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Shutter Locking Options

Bar Lock

The revolutionary Bar Lock was developed by Fred Dover in the 1970's for the emergency vehicle door market in Europe and North America. Many have tried to copy but none have been able to match the robust strength and positive locking power of the Dover Bar Lock.

Fabricated entirely from Stainless Steel except for the Nylon Moulded pivot covers (pictured right) this lock is designed to withstand the harsh working environment of our emergency vehicles.

Today this lock is fitted to all emergency vehicles with roller shutters in North America.

The lock can be supplied with an additional key lock (Lath Lock) or with air locking (Pneumatic lock) which can be activated from inside the vehicle driver's cabin. Again, developed by Fred Dover, this system has gained wide acceptance in Europe and North America.

Hasp and Staple

The Dover Vanguard hasp and Staple is made from forged steel and provides a high strength lock at an economical price. The Hasp and Staple lock requires a padlock ( not supplied).

The Hasp and Staple is the industry standard lock for the typical van seen on the roads of Britain today.

The Hasp and Staple lock is supplied loose unless specified otherwise to allow the van builder to mount the lock in the most suitable location.

Locking 'L' and 'T' Handles

'L' Handles and 'T' Handles are available in both key locking and non locking assemblies. These locks are chrome plated to withstand the harsh environment of the transportation industry. Where an L or T Handle is ordered the lock is fitted with the locking bars to the bottom rail.

Lock holes are left to be cut into the tracks by the customer to ensure accurate location. The inside of the L and T Handle locks are comprised of picoting cams and aluminium locking bars that extend through tracks at the end of the bottom rail.

Where an 'L' or 'T' Handle is fitted to a Standard Bottom Rail the lip is notched to accommodate the hand room needed to operate the lock. Locks can be keyed alike or to separate key numbers. When you place your order specify whether you require an 'L' or 'T' Handle, whether it is a locking or non locking assembly and if locking, whether you want keyed alike or keyed separately.

Flush Key Lock (Traverse Lock)

The Flush Key Lock (Also known as the Traverse Lock) is a 2 way two point key operated lock with a neat appearance. It is normally fitted to the bottom rail and locking bars (the same as for the L and T Handle Locks) are extended into the tracks when locked. The lock can be fitted to the lath higher up the door making the function of locking and unlocking more ergonomic.

The Flush Key lock does not require the bottom rail to be noticed if it has a lip and can be operated both from the inside and the outside. On multiple doors these locks can be supplied keyed alike or with separate key numbers.

DRS-19 Lock

The DRS-19 lock is a Dover Roller Shutters designed, engineered and manufactured heavy duty roller shutter lock. The lock is a self latching, meaning when the door is closed you can be sure the locking bars have engaged and the door will remain shut.

Externally the DRS-19 features a lift handle and the key cylinder (pictured). When locked the lift handle will not operate the internal locking bars thereby fully securing the door from attempted break in. When the key cylinder is not locked the lift handle operates the locking bars easily and reliably.

This lock is ideal for installations in remote locations where security is important or alternatively in vehicles where the operator wants frequent and fast access through the door with the comfort of being able to lock the door easily when they choose. Lock cams fitted to the tracks engage the lock bars.