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3EA 'CLEARVIEW' 75mm Extruded Aluminium Shutter


Eye catching appearance particularly suitable for shopfront or counter-top application offering solid or see-through format. Acrylic windows prevent ingress of dust. If the acrylic windows are left out they will provide a desired amount of ventilation. Two point locking at waist height, in bottom rail, or both, offers high security.

Maximum Size

Opening size up to 3000mm wide x 2500 high


Curtain and bottom rail are extruded from aluminium. Laths have a bevelled external face giving a pleasing appearance in harmony with current architectural trends. Laths can be slotted as required with 225mm x 42mm slots which can be fitted with 1.5mm thick clear or coloured acrylic panes. Every second lath is fitted with nylon end clips to secure laths laterally and take up wear. Robust bottom rail of inverted 'T' section. PVC seal available as optional extra. Lockable shootbolts or key operated two way, two point lock can be fitted to bottom rail, or both for added security. Exclusive Dover Vanguard channel guides include PVC buffer to eliminate metal to metal contact and reduce noise. Operation is by hand, chain, or electric.

  • Lath - 75mm x 1.5mm extruded aluminium fitted to every second slat. Slats can be slotted as required with slots 225mm x 42mm which can be fitted with acrylic panes 1.5mm thick.
  • Side Guide (Track) - Exclusive 'Austral Monsoon' extruded aluminium section with built in PVC buffer (see diagram).
  • Bottom Rail - 84mm x 31mm extruded aluminium section.
  • Brackets - Fabricated from mild steel.
  • Roller Drum - 100 or 177mm dia steel tube encasing helical coil springs of super grade spring wire.
  • Operation - Hand operation with spring counterbalance. Optional hand chain or electric motor drive with push button control available.
  • Accessories - Centre mullions, corner mullions, fascias etc are available.
  • Locking - Internal or external key operated two way two point locking at waist height or on bottom rail or both for extra security.

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