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Retract Security Grilles


Security expanding grilles for commercial, industrial and residential building applications. Specific uses for shop fronts, entry corridors or access ways, interior or exterior protection of doors or windows. Doors are designed to suit specific site requirements and sizes.

Maximum Size

6,000 mm wide x 3,000 mm high


  • Curtain - Constructed using steel members with nylon components to provide smooth and quiet operation. Grilles provide ventilation as well as vision through the Curtains when in the closed position. In the open position Curtains concertina into a neat unobtrusive stack to one side of the opening. Curtains can be arranged to side to one side with locking on the opposite jamb. Alternatively, openings can have two Curtains where each concertinas to one side of the opening with central point locking.
  • Side Jambs and Track - Side Jambs and Horizontal Tracks are fabricated from extruded aluminium sections.
  • Operation - Hand operation by push Handles fitted to Curtains. Curtains concertina into a neat stack at the edge of the opening when open.
  • Door Locking - Keyed Lock at handle height. For single Curtain arrangements Locks engage to Side Jamb whereas double Curtain arrangements lock into the adjoining Curtain. Locks can be keyed alike with multiple door installations.
  • Finishes - Grilles can be powder coated in a variety of standard available powder coat colours.
  • Vision / Ventilation - Retract Grilles provide excellent vision and ventilation when the doors are in a closed position.
  • Weight - 10 kg/m2
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